Something with chocolate will suite her

She is standing in front of you. Wearing a short linen pants and a cropped top. 
Her long beach waves blow up by a breeze. That’s when you see a glimpse of her nipple.

For those hungry for art

Welcome to the official Celine van Weerlee art website.
Take a look around. Taste some. And if you are longing for more, please get in touch. You are most welcome to come and see the tasty artworks in person.

Celine van Weerlee

About Celine van Weerlee

Celine van Weerlee is a contemporary artist renowned for her abstract painting style and characteristic palette strokes with culinary pleasure as the central theme. From an early age, Celine expressed her creativity in various ways. In recent years she has mainly focused on acrylic paintings. Together with her love for culinary delight/pleasure she found her calling. There is nothing more beautiful than combining both passions. It is like the perfect wine spice combination. Culinary delight/pleasure and art forming the ultimate blend.

I hope to see you soon

With luxurious love and a golden chocolate kiss

24 c gold leaf

All artworks are topped with 24 carat gold leaf. It is the finishing touch that takes it all to the next level. Compare it with the sauce complementary to the dish. And say for yourself. A little extra luxury in life never killed anyone.