About Celine

Celine was born in 1991 in Delft, also known as the city of painting. The origin of her
creativity. Or not. We will never know. But fun fact it is.

Celine van Weerlee

How it all started

From 1993 she continues to grow up in Zeewolde in a loving and warm family. In
particular the freshly baked French toast made by her mother and a bowl of
‘pepernoten’, ‘kruidnoten’ and ‘taaitaai’, with tea after a cold winter day at school
evoke beautiful memories.

Artist with an apetite for good food

She has been living with her fiancé Alwin for several years and their love is sealed
with daughter Merlot (yes, like the wine).
You can say that Celine’s life is dominated by culinary pleasure. And of course a nice wine should not be missed. No, no kidding. She is of course not named after a wine. To a grape variety. That's not the same. Just to be sure.

Shrimp art